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Pawan Studio

The Studio

We are passionate people with passion for people. We aim to inspire and create this sacred space for growth.

Pawan is your urban yoga sanctuary. Here you can practice a variety of yoga styles, with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga. Gong sound baths and musical instruments are a very important part of the classes, to help you immerse into an experience like no other, soothing and regenerating the nervous system. The space radiates life and cultivates the vibe of an urban sanctuary, a place for the busy one to Stop. Breathe. Meditate. Recharge.

The name of the studio (Pawan) has a special meaning. Pawan is the vehicle that carries the Prana (Life Energy); it is what revibrates and reconstructs our cells. It is also called wind. Prana is the essence of life, Pawan is wind, air. Our life is based on Pawan, the carrier of prana, the prana shakti (the power of life).

Our story begins with Ana, an artist who discovered a brand-new life by stepping onto the yogic path and made it her life’s mission to share this ancient wisdom with the world. She has created Pawan, a sanctuary dedicated to elevating human consciousness and awareness. Pawan is Ana’s way of telling her own story, expressing gratitude for her own transformation that led her to a greater understanding of her freedom.

Everyone is welcomed to peek into the studio, virtually or step inside for a class. Experience the approach and see how yoga can serve you.

Support and benefits

  • Techniques that guide you on the path of awareness and integrate a new perspective regarding discipline for your body’s mobility and flexibility
  • The technology of Yoga to regenerate, rejuvenate and nourish your body, mind and spirit
  • A community in which you will be supported and encouraged by highly educated and certified trainers
  • A strong foundation for self-exploration
  • Move through life with more understanding and trust in the messages you receive from your body and your intuition, releasing stress and anxiety
  • Recalibrate your body’s health, improving your alignment in fundamental postures and back pain release
  • Remember how to activate and honour your empathic nature
  • Find a renewed sense of energy and awareness, connecting the heart to your life’s highest purpose
  • Break free from self-sabotage and shift patterns
  • Tune your mind to better focus and intuitive clarity
  • Breathing Awareness Techniques, for vitality and stamina
  • Balance and rejuvenate the nervous system for a better response to life circumstances
  • Detoxifying the mind and body for a stronger immune system
  • Learn to meditate rather than medicate

Yoga is not THE way but A way.

Our Belief

Each one of us has a unique way of reaching or looking for the higher self. Together we are creating the space as we speak, as we blink, as we breathe — it is a continuum for self-expansion, awareness and inner light.

Together we are growing a community of people who are empowering each other to create harmony between the heart, mind and body.

Truth is our Identity – Sat Nam

Due to the current worldwide pandemic and for your safety our studio location has closed down until further notice. To address your needs and provide support and nurture during these challenging times, we offer online classes , workshops and programmes in a suitable format over the Zoom video conferencing platform.