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Pawan Studio

Private Sessions

The private online classes are focused on each student's needs and aspirations, with an overall impact on his/hers physical, mental and emotional health. The teacher’s attention and dedication to the practice will be the main focus. The teacher will be using yogic tools and methods to refine and develop the training program for each student. The duration of classes can vary between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the program chosen and the student’s schedule. Reservations based only. For bookings contact us at: office@pawan.studio

Special Class

Breathing Techniques & Gong Sound Healing Private Class

A private session to soothe the mind, relax, rejuvenate & nourish the nervous system through sound & frequency. The session includes a few breathing and warm-up exercises to open the body’s channels. The teacher works with various musical and sound instruments, including the gong, creaBng a wonderful relaxing environment. Available only on location.

Special Class

Private Consultation & Yoga Class

The private consultation & yoga class is dedicated to people who want to commit to a certain amount of time and effort to follow and break patterns in their daily routine. The teacher supports the process through a basic consultation regarding the needs of the person and then customises a plan that the student follows for a certain period of time. The session includes meditation, yoga and a discussion on certain topics of interest.

Special Class

Private Mentoring Session & Yoga Class

The private mentoring session & yoga class is dedicated to those who are advanced yoga practitioners or yoga teachers. The individual has a good level of knowledge in the field, looking to improve certain aspects. The student must have a clear goal, a statement and a target in mind. The teacher and the student follow a process to identify the steps to be worked on, after which the student works on the established plan. The teacher offers a written practice schedule for the student to follow for 2-3 months with a review process in person/online once the student masters the given process plan. Commitment is the key in mentorship.

Special Class

Corporate Yoga

Programmes especially designed for groups of people willing to try a team experience, learn, consolidate collective focus, have better results and a good overall vibe and environment. These customised sessions are based on a prior consultation with Ana in order for us to offer you the programme that suits your group of individuals

For bookings contact us at office@pawan.ro