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Kundalini Method

Self-Awareness is the key word in Kundalini Yoga. The promise of this practice is that you will become more conscious about who you really are, and you will be able to reunite with your source. Kundalini Yoga unites all the yogic techniques, physical exercises, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation in each practice in order to bring you a sense of trueness and ecstasy enabling you to merge or “yoke” the universal Self. Kundalini is an ancient practice dating back to the fifth century BC, described in the Upanishads, but the oral tradition of its sacred science goes even further with thousands of years back when the practice was to pass it along verbally from master to chosen disciple. The Kundalini practice clears the inner duality, creates the power to deeply listen, cultivates the inner stillness and helps the practitioner to prosper bringing excellence in our daily life. The Gong and its vibration are a very important part of the kundalini classes, completes the practice and soothes the nervous system.

For more information about Kundalini Research Institute, please follow the following
link: www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org
For more information and inspiration about Kundalini Yoga you can visit these websites we are
fond of: www.3ho.org www.spiritvoyage.com www.authenticharmony.com www.goldenbridgeyoga.com www.kundalinipioneers.nl

Yogi Bhajan’s teachings do not rely on one technique alone, but on many, and is the combination of kriyas (sequence of exercises) and naad (sound current) that drives you on a personal experience toward a deeper awareness. Each kriya if followed as taught will provide a certain steady progress leveraging the basic functions of the body and mind creating sustainable personal healing and growth. Yogi Bhajan developed this system after coming to United States in 1969. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a safe and powerful system to live a greater life of joy and clarity amidst all the pressures of life. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient tradition that is very applicable to the modern world. The focus of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the potential for full awareness in every individual’s life.